My PlayHome is a digital doll house for the iGeneration.

Children's Technology Review - Editor's Choice

Imagine a doll house where your child can use everything, even the closets, TV and shower. Where you can fry an egg and feed the family pizza. Where you can pour drinks, blow bubbles and turn out the lights.

Imagine a doll house where the pieces are impossible to lose and never break. A doll house which grows over time and where new accessories and rooms are given to you for free.

Imagine if it was designed so that even a 2 year old could use it, yet detailed enough to entertain an 8 year old.

Imagine a doll house that could excite and captivate your children for hours for less than the price of a cup of coffee....


My PlayHome is the original and best dolls house app. Massively interactive, your kids can explore and use everything in the house. The characters eat, sleep, shower, brush their teeth and more. Want the room to be darker? Close the drapes! Fancy a change in music? Pop a different CD into the stereo!

No other doll house app comes close in interactivity, detail, ease of use and just plain fun!

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My PlayHome

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Crash on startup

A few people are experiencing issues where the app crashes or freezes immediately. This can be fixed by going to the Settings app, scrolling down to find the PlayHome app and then setting "Force Reset" to on. This will clear the corrupted save data and send us some debug info.

No sound?

This is almost certainly because your mute switch is set on your device! Some other apps ignore the mute setting so please double check the switch even if other apps are still making a noise!

Android: Install error -24

This is a bug in Google Play. It can usually be fixed simply by uninstalling the app, rebooting and re-installing the app. You will not have to pay again for the app.

If that doesn't work, go to the Settings app and select "Apps" then scroll across to get to the "All" section and finding My PlayHome on the list. Try uninstalling for all users and/or clearing data and cache.


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To say that my toddler loves this app is a total understatement.

If you haven't added the My PlayHome app to your iPad you really need to do that now!

Apps For iPads

I'm very impressed with My PlayHome...perfect for young children and older ones too...This is a terrific app for everyone.

The iPhone Mom

My 10 year old daughter loves it just as much as our twin 3 year olds...I'd be shocked if you found a pre-schooler who didn't like this game.


Words cannot describe how much I have enjoyed playing with this app with my youngest daughter.

This is a fantastic little app and well worth the few dollars I spent on it. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone with kids under the age of 10.

Survive Magazine

Fabulous app! Haven't seen my iPad back since I've installed it. Kids love the app... Great illustrations and lots of interaction. We give this app a 5 star review!


A new fun App for both expressive and receptive building - Check out My PlayHome... Hope you like it as much as we do!!

Augmentative Communication Program at Children's Hospital Boston

This is as close to perfect as an iPad app gets...You will not spend a better $2.99 in the iTune App Store this summer. Do it.