PartnerPlay mode

Introducing PartnerPlay!

Play together on two iPads/iPhones in the same room! Just start a My PlayHome app on both devices and a new, blue start button will appear on the welcome screen when it detects another nearby device. With iPad 4/iPhone 5 or newer, you don't even need internet access or to connect to wifi! PartnerPlay will work just as well in a car or airplane as long as your device hasn't disabled the wifi.


How to Play

Start a My PlayHome app on both devices. A blue start button should appear on the home screen. Simply press the blue start button on both devices to start playing together.

If the other person is already playing, pressing the blue start button will send an invitation notice to their screen. Pressing the green tick on the invitation button will let the new player into their PlayHome world and they can start playing together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play online?

A: PartnerPlay doesn’t work over the internet. It’s only for two people who are sitting in the same room next to each other.

Q: I don't have internet access. Can I still play with a friend?

A: You don't need to have access to the internet. PartnerPlay sets up wifi directly between the two devices.

Q: So I can play when travelling in a car or airplane?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I use my Android tablet?

A: Unfortunately, PartnerPlay doesn’t work on Android. Currently, Android does not have a way to connect two devices without an internet connection.


Turn off Bluetooth if you don’t need it. Apple’s Multipeer library sometimes tries to connect over Bluetooth which isn't fast enough for network play.

Make sure wifi is turned on on both devices. You don’t need a router or access to the internet if you are using the newer Apple devices with the Lightning connector.

Make sure both devices are using the latest versions of the apps. PartnerPlay won’t show devices that aren’t using the same version of the app.

Try restarting the apps on both devices.

Try rebooting the devices. Sometimes Apple’s Multipeer library gets a bit confused and needs restarting.